What are the Famous Beverages in Spain Country?

We all know some very common Spanish beverages like wine, beer and sangria. But there are so many other Spanish drink tourists don’t know about such as Cava, Aqua de Valencia, Horchata, and etc. 

In this article we will discuss some very fascinating beverages of Spain.

Vermouth: One of the trendy beverages in Spain

The drink vermouth is widely popular and loved by everyone in Spain. In recent times, lots of specialized vermouth bars have been opening in the big cities of Spain because of it growing popularity. The new pubs and bars are coming up with their customized recipes and new addition to the drink. This drink is a sweet fortified wine mostly red and rarely white in color. In Spain, the drink is served along with a slice of orange or a piece of olive. 

beverages in Spain

Cava: One of popular most beverages in Spain

This beverage was initiated back in the mid-nineteenth century in Catalonia. Cava is a sparkling wine that has gained too much popularity and respect with time in and around the world. It has a subtle similarity with Champagne and comes in different flavors like rose or grape. The main difference from Champagne is the climate, grapes and the soil. 

Horchata: Sweet, creamy beverages in Spain

Horchata is a perfect summer drink. The drink is refreshing, cooling and creamy. But, horchatas are available only in the ice-cream parlors or specialized horchatarias. The drink is made up of tiger nut milk that slightly tastes like almond milk with a hint of cinnamon. 

Granizado: One of the thirst-quenching beverages in Spain

This beverage is very suitable for the unbearable Spanish summers. This beverage tastes exactly like fruit frappes but they are made up of fruit syrup and crushed ice. You can get many flavors of granizado such as water melon, strawberry and lemon. 

Clara: One of the best summer beverages in Spain

Clara is another very popular summer beverage in Spain. This is carbonated soft drink which is made up of a mixture of lemon and beer. This is refreshing drink for hot weather.

beverages in Spain

Tinto de Verano: One of the Local’s beverages in Spain

Tinto de Verano is the favorite drink of the locals in Spain. They even like it better than sangria at times. This drink is a fizzy whine with lemonade in it. It is very refreshing as well as extremely yummy.

Orujo: One of the typical beverage

This is one of those typical Spanish drinks everyone likes. Orujo was originated back in 14th century in Cantabria. It was initially made and distributed by families in the Valley of Liebana. But the region now organizes the Orujo Festival every year. Orujo is made out of grapes and is a distilled drink widely available in the northern Spain. 

Vino: Most famous typical beverage

Another typical drink of Spain and loved by almost everyone in the region, vino is a fizzy and tasty. Spain is the largest producer of Vino.

Queimada: An exotic beverage

Queimada is a very popular and alcoholic beverage in Spain. It is believed that the drink is of the medieval period and has a huge history behind its creation. The beverage is made with sugar, brandy and lemon or orange peel. The ingredients may differ based on some areas of Spain. In some of the regions Queimada is made up of coffee beans or grapes. It is also said in Spain that Queimada is healing drink to protect us from anything evil. Queimada is often termed as a sacred drink and served in a burning bowl.

 Sangria: The most favorite beverages in Spain

It is needless to say that its only just Spain, the entire world is head over heels for Sangria. Some people of Spain even consider it as the national drink of the country. The drink has a confusing history where some say it was originated in West Indies when it was under the British Colonies and the name has been derived from the world sangree. But there is another bunch of opinion where sangria is already consumed since 19th century in Ecuador.

beverages in Spain

 Sherry: The classy beverages in Spain

Sherry is a traditional yet very popular Spanish alcoholic beverage. People believe that sherry was originated in the 1st century B.C. But the beverages that are widely available in Spain are the sherry wines produced in Marco de Jerez.


Rebjito is a cocktail made up of sherry and other fizzy soft drinks. This is a famous cocktail in the Spanish region of Seville and Jerez de la Frontera. As mentioned the location of sherry earlier, this is just another stream of the same drink available in the same region of Spain.

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