Five Ways to Fight Pessimism and Why You Should

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Do you struggle to get your best rest every night like pessimism? Or maybe you find yourself feeling more symptoms of depression? Many live with these feelings and difficulties because of their outlook on life.

The way we view our life and everyday situations can impact our mental health in a big way! Learn more about pessimism, why you should remain optimistic, and how you can!

Why Should You Fight Pessimistic Tendencies?

When a person is pessimistic, they automatically assume that the worst possible outcome is inevitable. For example, a student who has studied for many days and hours will be convinced that they will fail their tests. Even when the evidence points towards a positive outcome, a pessimist will think the worst.

Pessimism can cause you to feel stressed, anxious, depressed, and panicked. Many people may also find it difficult to give their best effort because of pessimism.

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Five Ways to Fight Pessimism

Journal about the Good

Because pessimism causes a person to focus on the negatives in their life, it is important to remember all the good! Many therapists and other mental health professionals will suggest you keep a journal. In your journal, you can write down all of the things you find enjoyable, the things you are grateful for, and the things you are excited about.

Distance Yourself From Pessimistic People

One reason that you may feel pessimistic is that you are surrounded by pessimistic people! We often take on the personality traits of those around us. Consider finding more optimistic friends! This is not to say that you have to cut ties with all pessimistic people, but keep a positive mindset around them.

Practice Affirmations

Another way to practice optimism when you want to be pessimistic is to practice positive affirmations. Positive affirmations are phrases or sayings intended to elate the person reading them. For example, you could write positive reminders on your bathroom mirror. This way, you are reminded to remain positive every time you go to the restroom. Phone reminders and morning habits can also help you install affirmations.

Talk to a Mental Health Professional

If you feel like you can’t handle the negative feelings alone, seek help from a trusted mental health professional. By talking to a counselor or therapist, you can get a better idea of your concerns. Mental health professionals understand the battle between positive and negative thoughts; they can help you implement valuable coping techniques. They may also help you replace your pessimistic viewpoints with realistic ones!

Take Care of Your Body

Lastly, taking care of your body can also help you remain positive! Taking care of your body means eating nutritious foods, exercising regularly, sleeping well, and relaxing when needed. When we are too busy to take care of ourselves, our physical and mental health begins to suffer. It is crucial to look after yourself. If you do, you can see a decrease in stress and an increase in peace.

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