What You’ll Need to Spice Up Your Next Party’s Menu

Hosting a party is one of the most exciting things you can do, and it places a lot of pressure on your shoulders to create a menu that’s both thrilling and unique.  If you want to ensure all of your guests leave full and happy: these are some considerations to keep in mind.

A Fun Assortment of Flavors

There are five flavors every party spread should have.  These are sweet, heat, sour, savory, and salty.  When constructing your menu, try to create options that cover each of these bases and some that are a mix of a couple of them.  This ensures that everyone has something delicious they can enjoy while at your event and that there are endless combinations that can be made to create something new.  Arrange them by flavor, but place plates or dishes throughout the space so people can start wherever they are.

Better Dips and Toppings

Although your food is probably delicious, it’s a good idea to offer a larger selection of dips, toppings, and other items that can be used to enhance the flavor.  For instance, if you’re serving burgers, consider having habanero jelly on hand!  This combination of sweet heat on a burger can blow minds and leave people talking about your party and the interesting food choices for weeks.  Of course, let everyone decide whether or not they want it on their burgers, but don’t be shy about offering it!

Some Foods People Can Make

One fun thing you can offer is the chance for everyone to make their own version of their meal!  This could mean making custom personal pizzas in your pizza oven, or everyone gets to create a custom hot wing flavor from the options available.  We all want to leave a party or event knowing we had a unique experience, and there’s no better way to do this than to try new foods and combinations that we got to pick.

Themed Alcoholic Beverages

If your party is going to serve alcohol, it’s an awesome idea to make a custom drink menu to suit your needs.  These may be unique mixers, new combinations, or fantastic and fun drink names you can add.  Although you can also make virgin versions of these without alcohol if you want, having unique alcohol choices encourage the party to get a little more fun and intense as the night goes on.  Just make sure that everyone drinks responsibly, and nobody drives themselves home if they’ve been drinking. 

Unique Dessert Charcuterie

Instead of a classic party dessert of cake or cookies, create a dessert charcuterie board!  This can be done with a myriad of chocolates, cookies, candies, dips, whipped cream, brownies, and other options.  Not only does the fun charcuterie board layout encourage people to mix and try multiple interesting flavors together, but it also creates a visual appeal that can guide more guests toward the dessert table.

Every Party Can Be Elevated

Whether you’re hosting your first event or you want to set this one apart from others you’ve thrown: it’s a good idea to make a unique menu.  Create an awesome combination of flavors, and watch your party-goers lose their minds over the combinations!

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