Fun facts you should know about online casinos

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Online casinos have emerged as one of my favorite pastimes. Around 25% of the world’s population gambles. For many people, it is a way to escape from daily stress and a method of enjoyment. Besides, playing casino games wisely with a strategy can make you money as well.

Every year we see an increase in the online casino audience. Because it is convenient and easily accessible, people from different age groups enjoy online casinos from their comfort. The growth we see nowadays is only going to increase and soon the industry will grow up to $127 million.

If you have a smart device, you can play live casino games. There are thousands of choices to pick from. There is a game for everyone as per their liking and preferences.

However, there are many myths and interesting facts about online casinos that are discussed below.

Why do slots have fruits on them?

In earlier times, the slots would offer flavored chewing gums as a win. This is why the symbols we see on the machines and reels are of different fruits.

Is roulette a devil’s game?

Online roulette is referred to as the devil’s game. Because the sum of numbers in the game equals 666, which is supposedly the devil’s number, people refer to the game as the devil’s game. Anyhow, this does not affect the game in any way.

When did the first online casino launch?

The first online casino was live on the internet in 1994. However, the first slot game was introduced in 1895 and it took 100 years to create an online version of it. It was developed by Microgaming.

Which casino game is called one-armed bandits?

Slot machines used to be called one-armed bandits back in time. The game was and is played by using a single button or a handle. It required only one hand to spin the wheel, so the gamblers referred to the game as one-armed bandits.

Online casino encourages anonymity

One of the best parts of playing an online casino is that players are anonymous. You can hide your identity and play at the table with minimum chips. There is a norm of playing casino games with a high number of chips and online casinos give you a chance to play with as much as you can.

What is the biggest win?

In 2013, a Finnish man won a $24 million jackpot with a minimal bet. It is still the biggest jackpot-winning ever.

Which is the most popular online casino game?

There are thousands of online casino games with amazing features but the most popular is blackjack. It is the most played casino game because of its simplicity and winning probability. There are several variations of it to suit the player’s needs.

Acceptance of cryptocurrency

The rise of crypto has shaken the world. Online casinos are among the first to accept it as a form of payment. Many online casinos allow players to pay and receive in cryptocurrency. It is safe, and secure, and keeps the identity safe.

Role of AI in online casinos

Online casinos are primarily powered by AI. It is widely used to improve efficiency and help players with better recommendations. An AI-driven online casino enhances players’ experience and keeps improving the game by itself.

Bonuses and rewards

One of the perks of playing online casino games is bonuses and rewards. Many websites offer signup bonuses to incentivize players. Some of them also offer rewards on winnings making it lucrative for any newcomers to try online casinos.

What is the average age of online casino players?

Interestingly, the average age of players playing online casino games is 30-40 years. It is because players below 18 are not allowed to gamble and also they are more interested in console gaming than casinos.

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