Healthy Energy Drinks That Can Give You Boost Without Caffeine

natural energy drinks

Everyday activities like commuting to work, meetings, cleaning, and domestic chores wear you out. The only thing in mind at the end of the day is how to get back your energy. Coffee is an easy way to relax your body and energize you instantly, but it has side effects from Caffeine. However, you can get an energy boost from healthy energy drinks that are void of Caffeine.

The common side effects of Caffeine are insomnia, migraines if one withdraws, and at worst cardiac arrest. You can find other healthy energy drinks to boost your energy without killing yourself with Caffeine. Fatigue is common, and most people pump in coffee to self-medicate and get back to normal.

Natural energy drinks to Boost energy without Caffeine 

There are quite a several pure homemade energy drinks that can boost your energy. The ingredients are locally available, and their effect is refreshing, they also act as a detox, and your body is energized throughout the day. It would be best if you had a pineapple, carrot, and turmeric spritzer. 

Pineapples contain bromelain as the central enzyme, and it is full of energy. A blend of pineapples with carrots and add turmeric to the mix gives you a refreshing drink. It is an anti-inflammatory, it balances hormones and energizes the body. The drink is perfect for anyone, especially women, to fight fatigue after their menstrual period. In this article, we have mentioned some natural energy drinks

#1. Moringa Powder Smoothie

Smoothies are an ideal way to start the day. If you add moringa powder to your morning smoothie, then you start your day ideally. Your energy levels are elevated all day because moringa powder is dense with vitamins and minerals. Moringa powder energizes your body and clears your mind. 

#2. Vitamin B

The kick from caffeine drinks is like no other, and vitamin B does not provide the same. However, they are essential because they produce energy. All Vitamins from B-12, including the vitamin-B complex, assist in the body’s metabolic functions. It is recommended for adults get 2.4 micrograms of vitamins daily. Most natural energy drinks provide sufficient vitamins to run your organization. 

#3. Apple-Banana Energy Shake

Many people choose to have a soda on a warm afternoon when they feel sluggish. However, it is time to pass that soda and make this simple smoothie to energize your body. A mix of apples and bananas will lift you the moment you ingest it. 

Apples contain short and long-term energy, rich in natural vitamins and sugars necessary for the body. Bananas are rich in vitamin C. They aid in digestion. They also contain manganese which is good for your skin, giving energy to your body. 

A mix of the three will provide you with a perfect drink that will energize your body after lunch. Also, you can add natural peanut butter without additives. Blend the ingredients and serve when chilled!

#4. Apple Cider

Apple cider vinegar is a natural drink with many benefits, and energy for the body is one of them. Anytime you feel like crashing, you can add a tablespoon to your drinking water to boost your energy levels. 

#5. Black and White Maca Mocha

Maca Mocha (Black or White) is a natural drink with an adaptogen that promotes energy and vitality hence boosting your general mood and balancing your hormones. 

#6. Coconut Water

Coconut water boosts your energy and is also known as a natural sports drink. The drink has high levels of minerals and potassium, and the youngest coconuts from Thai produce the best water. You can drink the water by itself or add it to a banana and strawberry blend to make a sweet, tasty smoothie. 

Coconut Water the best natural energy drinks

#7. Acai Berry

The Acai Berry is well-known for its amazing nutritional properties. Besides, it is also an excellent way to boost energy levels in the body. It contains a host of Vitamin B, potassium protein, and fatty acids. 

If taken consistently, acai boosts your metabolism, energizes the body, and can also help in weight loss. Anytime you go looking for a good acai drink, check the nutritional content on the label and choose the acai high with a little amount of sugar. 

#8. Watermelon Smoothie

Watermelon smoothie has a secret from the green coffee bean extract that exhibits super health benefits like antioxidants, pure halogenic acid only present in green coffee, and suppresses appetite. 

Also, it reduces free radicals in the body, regulates cholesterol levels, and has anti-aging properties. Mix your watermelon with one and a half cups of lemonade, frozen strawberries, and a little squeezed lime. Blend them and enjoy your natural energy boost.

#9. Beetroot Juice

Beetroot juice has many health properties like lowering blood pressure, repairing athletic stamina, improves muscle power, among other minerals. You juice it raw with other vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, and celery to dilute its strong taste, or mix it in a fruit cocktail. 

beetroot juice the natural energy drinks

#10. Water

Water is available to everyone, and it is quite critical in maintaining body energy throughout the day. As nutritionists advise, take at least eight water glasses daily and if you can earn more, good for you and always make it your first option before any other drink. All the body needs are proper hydration, not those drinks with additives and sugars or Caffeine. 

#11. Kombucha

Fermented probiotic tasty tea is good to detox, healing, and energy-boosting the body. The drink is a mixture of brewed tea and the Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). 

The mix produces organic enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins, and it is common in Mid-Atlantic and Northeast region stores. You can order the drink online or buy a kombucha kit to make your drinks in different flavors.


If you aim to reduce then eventually get rid of Caffeine from your energy drinks, the high energy boosting drinks are natural and locally available for you to prepare at home. If you have to buy anything, please read the nutritional label for information about what it contains. 

Avoid sugary drinks and go for all-natural beverages. Also, if you have any health issues, contact your doctor before you decide to take an energy drink. Water and fruits are the right body providers. Perhaps you can increase the intake daily for a more energized healthy body.

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