Make Your Wedding Reception Run Without a Hitch

According to a survey done by Easy Weddings, the most common Wedding Reception-related regrets include not serving enough food, being under pressure to invite people you don’t know, booking a venue that is too small for the guests, not having enough input into the music, and finally stressing too much about the little things. If you want to make your wedding reception truly special, it is important to avoid these common pitfalls. Plan your guest list carefully, hire some experienced caterers, and delegate as many jobs as you can. 

Front view of wedding couple's hands with champagne glasses and
Front view of wedding couple’s hands with champagne glasses and wedding bouquet

Refine your guest list For your Wedding Reception:

Paying for a wedding reception can start to get very expensive if you end up inviting distant cousins, old work colleagues, and plus-ones. Never be afraid of telling people that you are having an intimate ceremony. If you are celebrating your second wedding, you may prefer to have a smaller and more personal wedding. Inviting fewer guests can make this more special as you will have more time to spend time with everyone. If you have people that perhaps aren’t close family and friends that would like to see the wedding, perhaps offer a Zoom link alternative to your ceremony. When you have finalized your guest list, ask for RSVPs to be confirmed quickly so that you can inform the caterers. You can also then make sure that the venue that you have hired is going to be big enough to accommodate everyone. 

Be generous with the food

A wedding can be a long day, and you will probably find that your celebration takes place over many hours. This is why it is important to serve plenty of food. Even if you are having a sit-down meal or a buffet, it is worth providing some snacks or canapes to your guests in between. This is especially important if you are serving alcohol, as it is not a good idea for guests to drink on an empty stomach. A good caterer can help to plan exactly how much food is needed at your wedding so that there is plenty to eat, but limited wastage. 

The finer details

When it comes to your wedding reception music, ask to see a band or a DJ in advance, so you know exactly what to expect – don’t just rely on what is on their website. You could also put together a playlist of what you’d like to be included. Try and delegate as many of the finer details of your wedding reception as possible. Perhaps ask a family member to organize some table displays, or hire an entertainer to look after the younger wedding guests so that their parents can enjoy a relaxed evening. This will ultimately mean that you have less to stress about. 

A wedding reception is a celebration of your love and commitment. With a little planning, you can organize an amazing party where you can relax and enjoy the moment. 


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