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Wine of Zamorak is an ingredient that goes into making potions out of herbs. It is found in the Kingdom of Asgarnia and the Wilderness. The maze of Chaos Fanatic that is unlocked at level 38 is situated in the Wilderness, to the southwest of which lies the Chaos Temple, and also the Chaos Temple found in the Kingdom of Asgarnia is where the Wine of Zamorak is found. 

In both, the Chaos Temple’s wine is auto-produced every 28 seconds. Upon completion of the Hard Wilderness Diary, the third Wine of Zamorak location unlocks, which is found in the Deep Wilderness Dungeon at level 51 where the wine is auto-regenerated every 3 seconds. 

At reaching cooking skills level 65 and after granting cooking experience points of 200, you can make your own wine using the grapes of Zamorak and water. Wine of Zamorak alone cannot be taken as a direct food intake, instead, it is to be used as a secondary ingredient in the making of potions used to boost ranging skills and defense skills. 

The book at the Sisterhood Sanctuary, the Bloody Grimoire mentions that the wine being sweet in taste makes it addictive to consume, although it is an unholy drink to consume. Although healing in nature, consumption of this Wine decreases prayer points by 2, similar to that of the ale at Rat & Bat, the Bloody Bracers. 

wine of zamorak

How to collect the Wine of Zamorak?

You can collect the wine using 2 methods-

  • When you reach magic level 33, along with the help of an air rune and a law rune, you can cast the Telekinetic Grab spell to collect the wine. Repercussions that are to be faced after spelling the Telekinetic Grab spell are- the monks will get angry over the player who has cast the spell and also the player will be slightly drained out of attack points, strength points, magic points, defense points, and range points.

    The damage caused to the player’s various feature points varies from level to level. From levels 1 to 19 the damage drains 1 point each in all the above-mentioned departments; from levels 20 to 39 the damage drains 2 points each; from levels 40 to 59 the damage drains 3 points each; from levels 60-79 the damage drains 4 points each; from levels 80-99 the damage drains 5 points each.

    Telekinetic grab spell is the most sort after way of collecting the wine, as the spell can be cast at both the Chaos Temples, monks are not necessarily required to be killed unlike the second method (which you will get to know soon), and also the wine makes more money than the cost of runes spent to cast the telekinetic grab spell.
  • Reaching the Chaos temple at Asgarnia, you can kill all the monks and collect the wine. Even this method drains the attack points, strength points, magic points, defense points, and range points from the player.

How to make the Wine?

In order to make the wine, the player needs to reach level 65 of the cooking skills and also attain 200 cooking experience points. Only a pay-to-play player can make the wine, wine is produced every 20 ticks which approximately is 12 seconds each. 

Items required to make the wine are grapes harvested from the Hosidius Vinery also known as the Zamorak grapes and a jug of water sourced from either a fountain or a sink. A single quantity of grapes and the water produce a jug of wine. 

It costs 1,334 coins to produce a jug of wine worth 765 coins, which leaves you at a loss of 569 coins.

To Do’s

  • In the case of a free-to-play player, Wizard’s Mind Bomb, an ale used to boost magic points is recommended to be bought along. In the case of a pay-to-play player, if the magic level due to any attack is draining below level 33 can be restored using the restore potion, or else the telekinetic grab cannot be cast.
  • Upon completing the Hard Wilderness Diary, you will be getting the wine from the Chaos Temple situated in the wilderness. The Chaos Temples are situated in multi-way combat areas where players get to fight against monsters.
  • If you are more of a time management person, instead of waiting for 28 seconds for the wine to reproduce you can complete other money-making tasks such as using the high-level alchemy spell to convert specific items into coins or by finishing pending bolts.
  • A looting bag has a storage capacity of up to 28 items, this can be a helpful item to carry along to collect wine. You can collect the wine from Chaos temples situated elsewhere apart from the one in the wilderness and deposit it at the Wilderness, where the bag comes of utmost use.
  • Also, keep in mind that it is not recommended to carry anything valuable apart from wine when entering the wilderness.

To and Fro travel between Temple and Bank

  • Simply walk to and fro between nearby temple and bank.
  • After completion of Falador Diary, you can reach the temple from behind by taking the Burthorpe shortcut and you can reach the bank through the Rogue’s Den.
  • You can also walk to the western bank of Falador.
  • Teleporting is the easiest method in Runescape to travel from one place to another. By either using the Amulet of Glory or the Ring of Dueling you can reach the banks.
  • You can also reach the western bank of Falador through teleporting, by sacrificing the required water runes.
  • Teleporting cannot be done once you reach level 20 of Wilderness.
  • You can teleport to the Goblin Village with the help of the Goblin Village Sphere which can be purchased from Oldak and walk to the nearby temple from there.
  • You can teleport to the Mind Altar by using the Mind Altar Teleport available in the Arceuus Spellbook and walk towards the temple from there. 

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