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Born on 26th February 1965, Annie Bakes is among the most searched American celebrities. Many questions have been running about her as people try to find her nationality, personal life, net worth, and family life. Annie first came into the limelight after she commented on her ex-husband Dennis Rodman who is a retired athlete. Concerning her professional life, she rose into the model fraternity very fast as her body blossomed early. To make it easier for our readers, this article is everything you would need to know about Annie Bakes.

Annie Bakes’s Personal Life

Back to her birth date, Annie was born on 26th February 1965 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. According to the wiki, she has an American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. Her parents named her Anicka, but she preferred to be called Annie. Her family migrated from Pennsylvania when she was too young. This made it difficult for Annie to find and make new friends during this time. Hitting puberty at an early age is another challenge she met. This made it difficult for her to socialize and make friends as they made much fun of them and rumors about her.

When it comes to her actual body size, all we can give details about is her height as she appears to have a tall stature in her photos. Any other details regarding her body are currently not publicly available. Other than her body details, it was also hard to tell about her parents, family background, and education life as no such information has been made public.

Annie Bakes

Annie’s career

Concerning her career, Annie is among those fortunate people who rose to their careers so early. She was still a junior at the age of 16 when a modeling agent approached her. Thanks to her early blossoming as she impressed the agent with her looks more so through her physique and blonde hair. It is here that she landed her first job as a model in a print commercial. At the age of 18, she became an adult model and she started modeling for products such as lingerie and swimwear. To top her earnings, she found a part-time job at a nightclub.

Despite her hard work and commitment to modeling, she, unfortunately, got an accident in 1986 that caused the end of her modeling career. Though she recovered, she was left with scars and injuries that could not make her fit for the career. However, this was not the end of her career life as after ending her marriage with her ex-husband Dennis Rodman, she began writing in 1997. 

Just as in modeling, she was so committed to her new career, that she published her first book, “Worse Than He Says He Is.” The book was reflecting more on her marriage with Rodman, which was later released under the title, “White Girls Don’t Bounce.” Today, Annie is living an undoubtedly low-key life though she has partially been appearing in the media.

Annie Bake’s Net worth

From the information presented above, it is with no doubt, Annie was so fortunate to start accumulating her wealth when she was so young. Despite the accident in 1986, that halted her modeling ambitions, it is believed she had accumulated a lot during her glory days. After the accidents, she never stopped at it as she continued to do hosting. 

As of today, she is believed to be doing her promotions and endorsements where she makes good bucks from it. All these show, despite the accident, she was not limited to making up her wealth. As of 2020, it is believed her net worth stood at $1.4 million. However, the figures may not be so actual as information about her annual income and assets she owns is yet to be updated. Concerning her ex-husband, he is believed to be $500k worth. Today, Annie is living a lavish life with her daughter and new husband.

Annie Bakes in the News

Despite being a model, very few people knew about her during her early days. Her marriage with Dennis Rodman is the first time she came into the full glare of the media. Rodman was already a superstar at this time, as he was a renowned basketballer. This is what made people try to research her newly wedded wife, Annie Bakes.

Here is when people came to learn, she was a model and people started following her. Their relationship never lasted long, as they separated in 1991 and finalized their divorce in 1993, another factor that brought her into the limelight of the media.

During their divorce, Annie was pregnant with Rodman, a factor that made people and media personnel keep following her. Another time she was featured in the news was after she released her book, “Worse than What He Says He Is.” Many people were interested in buying the book, as all they had in their minds was their relationship with Rodman.

All we can say about Annie in the news is all the times she has been featured are as a result of her relationship with her ex-husband. Today, despite appearing partially in the media, she lives a partially low-key life.

Annie Bakes’s relationship with Dennis Rodman Relationship

Concerning her relationship, Annie met with Dennis Rodman, a National Basketball Association star in 1987, at a nightclub in Sacramento. During the early stages of their relationship, Annie perceived Dennis to be a sweet and loving man. This made Bakes fall too fast in love with her, and they shared marriage vows in 1991.

The unfortunate thing is their relationship became poisonous within the same year as a result of cheating tendencies. Annie could not withstand this factor which led to their separation in 1992 and finalized their divorce in 1993.

During their separation, she was pregnant with their daughter Alexis Rodman. In an interview, Annie claimed she left Dennis to protect her daughter from their emotional upheavals. Through the divorce, she stated her ex-husband used to cheat on her regularly, forced her to undergo four abortions, and also physically abused her. She also claimed Dennis went ahead to marry a second wife nine days after their separation, a reason that forced her to move on.

Annie claims the breakup was so painful that she ended up seeking a therapist who suggested she pens down her feelings in writing. This is when she published the book “Worse than What He Says He Is,” which was later released under the title ‘White Girls Don’t Bounce.’

Throughout the book, she tries to advise young women to keep off from abusive marriages as they will end up being used and tossed aside as it was in her case. Today the book is one of the most read with a rating of 4/5. Despite the harassment and pains she went through during the ‘awful marriage’ with Rodman as she states, she managed to move. She is today married to a police officer whose identity is of date not yet known. Their whereabouts are still not yet precise, but she still lives with her daughter Alexis who is now 29 years old.

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