Planning A Blissful And Affordable Spa Weekend

Spa weekends are the ideal way to rest, unwind, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. In fact, just ten minutes of massage has been proven to significantly decrease stress on a psychological and physiological level by boosting the parasympathetic nervous system (aka body’s prime engine for relaxation), a new study by the University of Konstanz reveals. Although spa breaks offer great mental and physical health benefits, they often come at a high price point that may prevent you from booking them as often as you’d like. Fortunately, with some smart advance planning, you can organize a blissful spa weekend that doesn’t break the bank.

Plan your visit to maximize savings

You may not realize it, but the season in which you book your spa weekend can dramatically either increase or decrease the overall cost. July to August is the prime summer season and rates are typically higher during these popular months. Alternatively, May and June still offer the benefits of gorgeous weather without the crowds at a cheaper rate. Moreover, you can also consider booking your visit for a weekday. Midweek discounts and specials typically run throughout the year. In fact, at some spas, you may find midweek discounts as big as 40% off the full price.

Decide on your desired treatments

Although spa staff can help you decide on the best treatments to suit your needs, it can help to go in already with an idea of what you want. Med spa treatments, for example, are effective medical beauty treatments designed to improve the overall appearance of the body. For instance, skin treatments like skin tightening, micro-needling, and chemical peels are intended to revitalize and nurture the skin. These treatments can help you achieve a youthful appearance without the need for surgery. Alternatively, injectables and fillers like Botox, Juvederm, and Kybella double chin treatment are designed to smooth wrinkles and add volume to the skin. And, when it comes to massage, you have a range of options to choose from. Deep tissue massage, for example, offers a deep, firm massage; it’s often used to treat musculoskeletal issues like sports injuries and strains.

Don’t rush your spa experience

Once you’ve had your treatments, there’s no need for you to end your spa experience right away. By staying and enjoying all the spa has to offer, you’ll be able to get the most for your time and money. In particular, most luxury spas also include swimming pools, saunas, jacuzzis, inhalation rooms, and steam room facilities for you to relax in before or after your treatments. These amenities may be included in the overall price or you may have to pay an extra small fee to use them.

When you need a break from the stress and responsibilities of everyday life, spa weekends are a great way to relax and unwind. By planning your spa weekend carefully, you can make sure you have a great experience without breaking the bank.

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